Teachings and Lung transmission on Longsal and Longchen Ngondro Practices


Teachings and Lung transmission on Longsal and Longchen Ngondro Practices

by Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche

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My dear disciples.

When you practice the Ngondro, it is the quality and not the quantity that is important. The practice quality needs to be good.

I will give a transmission of the Longsal Ngondro here. (Guru transmits the Longsal Ngondro practices)

You must clearly visualize the refuge tree when practicing the refuge. This is the refuge tree of the Longsal practice. One must generate the aspiration to free oneself from samsara. There is no one else in the world to help you except the buddhas and bodhisattvas. The ones who can truly liberate us from suffering are the enlightened ones, the three jewels, the guru and all the protectors. This is why you make prostrations and recite the refuge verses towards them. I have just given you the transmission for the refuge, bodhicitta, Vajrasattva, mandala components of the Longsal lineage.

When practicing bodhicitta understand that there is absolute bodhicitta and mundane bodhicitta. Mundane bodhicitta includes the Four Immeasurables – loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity. You should practice them in this order till you are able to generate these two types of bodhicitta in your heart. This requires diligent practice. Supplicate the refuge tree for blessings to generate both types bodhicitta and to perfect them. Do not allow random thoughts to occur when visualizing and do not doze off either. Follow the sadhana closely and practice well.

When practicing the Vajrasattva Hundred Syllable mantra, the only difference is the object of refuge. There are only minor differences when we compare refuge and bodhicitta practices. This is why I say there are not much differences between the Longchen and Longsal practices.

The difference for the Vajrasattva practices (between Longsal and Longchen) is that of either a single deity or yab-yum deities (with consort). The Vajrasattva in Longchen is visualized with his consort and without in Longsal. You need to visualize it properly together with the four powers, exactly according to the requirements stated in the texts. Do it well. Through this we repent for all our misdeeds and negative karma. The nectar from the deity will purify all our negative. You need to visualize this yourself properly.

The mandala practice has differences too. The Longsal practice visualizes Vajrasattva during mandala practice whereas in the Longchen practice we visualize the mandala itself. We offer everything belonging to ourselves and others across the three times (past, present and future ) to the enlightened ones. We offer ourselves the view that our liberation is no different from of that the guru and the three jewels. We do this to liberate ourselves from the six realms of samsara, achieve Buddhahood, benefit sentient, propagate Buddhadharma.

I will also give everyone a transmission of the Longchen Nyinthik Ngondros. (Guru recites the Longchen Nyingthik Ngondro transmission).

The five Ngondro practices are a crucial set of dharma practices in Vajrayana. We will tend to encounter obstacles when practicing the Ngondro but we should learn not to pay attention to them. You do not have to worry about this aspect as long as you supplicate the three jewels, the three roots, your guru and the protectors to bless you. In this way the obstacles will be eradicated.

Along the process of practicing there will be many people who will pass either positive or negative comments (about what you are doing). Do not take heed. They are mortals or mundane people and they will have their own comments that they will want to express. Do not pay attention to these. Focus on your own Ngondro practice.

My disciples, what is it that you need to understand? You need to understand that if you achieve results in this life of practice, the siddhis are yours to claim. It will be very difficult to encounter such an opportunity again in the next lifetime. You have to understand this.

Practice well and practice diligently. I will also supplicate the guru and the three jewels (Guru recites the lineage prayers). The lineage masters are always beside you, it is just that you cannot see them. Be assured that the enlightened ones can see every one of you. Practice well and be  good disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha. May all intentions be auspicious and fulfilled.

Tashi Delek!